Decor March 4, 2022

Good Energy In The Home

Have you ever heard the saying that the home is a reflection of the mind? I. e. -if you go to someone’s house and there is clutter etc… or a funky smell… Are these things you’re witnessing analogous to what’s going on in someone’s headspace? Perhaps there’s some truth here. 

One sure-fire way to feel like a “weight has lifted” is to remove some junk from the home. As Marie Kondo said, “If it doesn’t make you happy, throw it out!” I never read her book, but just understand the gist of this fabulous statement. Another Buddhist saying is “if you’re bored, clean your home.”

I like this advice.  

Succulent Plant in Brandie Bowman's Home

Good Energy in the Home

How to make your home comfortable and high-vibrational? Give clothes to people you haven’t used in a year or to the goodwill. This makes room in those closets for clothes you will want to put on. Donate, Donate, Donate… I can’t emphasize this enough. Furniture, toys…. whatever it is. 

Get a box and put everything on your countertops in it. Then go to another room and start picking through it. What are some things that need to go? How can you group important things together? Maybe even invest in some baskets or folders. 

Don’t stop at the Bedroom or Kitchen. This method can be applied to every room in the house.  

Buy some good luck plants. Yes, don’t be afraid to kill it. If anything, this will teach you how to keep something alive if you’ve never had that sort of responsibility before. Not only will plants bring nicer air into your home, but they thrive with friendship as well. Succulents are a good place to start for beginners. 

Colors. Did you know colors can influence mood? Why do you think so many restaurants are red? Seeing red usually makes one hungry. Change the color scheme up in your rooms. Get rid of drab/dirty rugs or old armchairs. Buy new pillow covers. Knock off fancy advertisements and shop for the cheaper version at Home Goods or online.  Paint a room light yellow…..These are just some suggestions but it’s nice to be able to make one’s home inviting and comfortable.