Home Buying May 25, 2021

The Bidding Wars Summer 2021

Is Seattle moving slower than the burbs? This was a topic of discussion at this week’s office meeting. The overall consensus is NO… They’re both moving with exceptional speed. However, property prices have escalated so much in Seattle that buyers are just fed up with even looking. One of our South Everett Office brokers last week had up to 23 offers on a property that was priced at $800,000 and sold for $150,000 over ask.

The shortfall of getting excited about a house and then never being able to get an acceptable chance at winning it. This means that there may be some buyers out there who are experiencing buyer fatigue. At Windermere we want our buyers to know that we are well aware of what is going on here and will buffer the best we can to set clear expectations. It’s hard to gauge sometimes what the list price is and how high it will go. However, the enlightening thing is that not all listings experience this.

The ridiculousness of the whole situation has many buyers feeling shot! But wait? There’s hope, we must get creative with finding our properties. Also in writing an attractive offer that also protects the buyer -this is what we are here for, to be the best counselors to our buyers.


Ask Price Percentage Snohomish

Customers from King County areas are coming North, with lower property taxes and more strength to the dollar. There is much development going on with the Everett Waterfront Park (we will be seeing a concert venue as well). As well as big companies like Microsoft creating a digital alliance with Snohomish County that helps advance technology improvements and skills-building through a number of initiatives, including expanding rural broadband, targeting workforce skills development, and modernizing IT and data infrastructure. The possibilities for development are immense- for instance, my brother’s property in Granite Falls has almost tripled in value in only 2 years.

Some people talk fearfully about Boeing leaving the game. I personally don’t believe this is something we should be afraid of. With tech powerhouses in our backyard, the opportunity for expansion is here. Many investors have their eye on Snohomish County. With its rich resources and centrality. We need to take it upon ourselves to do the research and make moves for the benefit of our futures. AND when it comes to moving, I will be there to help you through the whole process. From selling your home to finding a new environment in which to grow.


Brandie Bowman discusses moving to Snohomish County.